I was born and raised in California, living and studying in San Diego. I am an herbalist, alchemist, and specialist in integrative medicine. Often referred to as "the wellness guru," I provide consulting for hotels and wellness brands looking to provide a high standard of services and experiences for their clientele. Iā€™m passionate about helping others achieve optimal health through knowledge and application of holistic wellness strategies. As a business owner, consultant, speaker and educator on wellness standards, I am dedicated to revolutionizing the way we look at wellness.

In 2008, I established The Sanctuary Wellness Experience as a destination for education in the three pillars of health: mind, body, and spirit.

During our monthly Come Alive luxury retreats, people come from all around the globe for personal, transformational experiences.

Visit our wellness boutique at Grace + Parker to find health promoting, fun, quality products that you can trust.

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