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The human body is an organism composed of various systems. These systems are made up of organ groupings. The organs are composed of tissue. The tissue is made up of cells. The cells are composed of compounds. The compounds are made up of molecules, and those molecules, comprising everything within our bodies, are made up of atoms.

 Remember this from primary school? An atom contains a nucleus full of protons and neutrons. Orbiting the nucleus are electrons. The spin of theseelectrons is what gives a substance its vibrational frequency.

No two substances on the planet have the exact electronic spin (vibration).

Our bodies recognize substances based on their atomic structure and/or vibration (frequency). Vibrational medicine is resonance medicine. Do you remember the theory of resonance from school? Here is a simple experiment that demonstrates resonance: if you have two grand pianos in a room and you strike a chord on one of the pianos then lift the lid on the other grand piano, you will see that the same chord is vibrating on the other grand piano. This is “resonance.” Two things resonate if they contain the same vibrational factors. Have you ever used or heard the term, “I really resonated with him/her/that?” There are specific studies showing the frequency of healthy tissue viruses diseased tissue, and much has been documented on the subject.

Through BioEnergetic testing, we are able to see what substances the body “resonates” with. These can be microbes such as viruses that have set up camp and are supported within the diseased body. Or it might be a nutritional substance that the body resonates with that could help return it to its natural state. Energetic medicine is just that — a way of tapping into the body to see the factors needed to bring it back to a state of balance. Vibrational Medicine is the foundation of BioEnergetic Medicine.

“Throughout your life, the most profound influences on your health, vitality, and function are not the Doctors you have visited or the drugs, surgery, or other therapies you have undertaken. The most profound influences are the cumulative effects of the decisions you make about your diet and lifestyle on the expression of your genes.” — Genetic Nutritioneering by Dr. Jeffrey S. Bland

Investment: $395 Session

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The BioCharger™ NG is a hybrid subtle energy revitalization platform. The BioCharger™ will revitalize your body to perform at peak levels, helps align your mind and body to allow you to work efficiently and supports accelerated muscle recovery, reduces stiffness in joints, and contributes to improved mobility and flexibility.

Peak performance requires energy, mental focus, and fast recovery. Issues like chronic pain and illness can prevent you from living your life to the fullest. The BioCharger™ NG enables clients to proactively improve their health and wellness by harnessing the energy around us and merging it with cutting edge technology.

This transmitted energy stimulates and invigorates the entire body to optimize and improve potential health, wellness, and athletic performance. It is completely non-invasive and has proven to restore strength, stamina, coordination and mental clarity. Treatment time/15 minutes.
One Session 50
Package of 5/195
Package of 10/350


Sound therapy has the ability to transform the body, mind, and spirit. Science has described in detail how resonance works at many different levels. Everything has a resonant frequency that it naturally vibrates at.  Resonance happens when a strong vibration causes something else to vibrate. This strong vibration can be in tune with nature – or not. Resonance is the key to using sound to make changes in your life and it is completely based on science. Science has even explained resonance at the quantum level, which is now beginning to explain our connections to each other as spiritual beings.

We know how sound vibrates atoms and molecules. We know that when you vibrate something at its resonant frequency it actually receives energy. Just like instruments need tuning, your cells need to be tuned as well or they can become sick and diseased. During this relaxing and transformative session, we use a mixture of Crystal Tones singing bowls as well as tuning forks to bring the body back into cellular resonance and communication.

45 Min/$95


Digestion and nutrient assimilation are fundamental keys to vitality, longevity, balanced mood, aging gracefully, feeling pain-free, and maintaining optimum weight.

Come in, have a cup of tea with me. Let’s talk about you, and what’s going on with your digestion. I’ll administer a food sensitivity test as well as an intestinal biofeedback test.

With the insights into your body that we uncover, we will then customize a nutritional program to help optimize your gut health.

Investment: $400 (One-on-one, private session)


Mud Packing has its roots dating well past 200 to a thousand years ago. It is also referred to as Pelotherapy. It has been used to increase circulation, boost the immune system, encourage detoxification of organs and glands, ease muscle tension, aches and pains, and rejuvenate cells. We use it to help clear the body’s burden of toxic bioaccumulation.

Unheated volcanic clay and kaolin clay are rich in minerals and highly resonate. These clays act as a pulling effect from toxins embedded in the scar tissue and in the close surrounding tissue of the scar.

Why mud pack? As the body becomes overwhelmed with toxic exposure from both the environment and lifestyle, the liver can become bombarded and toxic. The left-over toxins get dumped into weak tissue that has been injured or traumatized.

Mud packing creates a thermal effect which creates deep intrinsic cellular cleansing. Nerve and energy flow to scars and old injuries can be turned back on.  Examining an old injury from the outside, it appears healed, but at the cellular level, it is very weak and cannot properly remove the toxins out of its membrane.  This not only leads to ongoing trouble in that area, but can lead to other weaknesses in the body based on those meridian pathways. The result has the ability to provide quick resolution of many aches, pains, old injuries, as well as increase energy.

Investment: $200 a session


During this treatment, you will lay on an infrared heating mat that is made of amethyst crystals while castor oil packs are strategically placed on your liver and kidneys to increase blood flow and liberate the toxic build up. Treatment time/ 45 min

Investment: $95 a session